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Mayflower Descendant Document, 1750, Ex-Guthman NEWLY LISTED ITEM

This is a very attractive early 18th century land grant document from Bill Guthman's collection. It details a land transaction between the Company of Governors state of CT and Josiah Ripley of Windham county CT, a Mayflower descendant of John Alden through his mother. The document features a large CT red wax seal. The document is untouched with no tape/repairs. The wax seal has a small hole and cracks. There is expected foxing and the piece is delicate at the folds. It is signed by Nathaniel Stanly Esq, here as a Justice of Peace. Nathaniel Stanly also was Colonial Treasurer of Connecticut during 1750-1756. Signed by Secretery of State, George Wyllys. It is quite a beautiful piece of early American history. Price: $250.

Cut Silhouette on Silk, England, 18th Century NEWLY LISTED ITEM

The term "silhouette" used to depict these cutting portraits, generally in profile, was actually seldom used until the early decades of the 19th century. This example is a lovely late 18th century version cut on black card, applied to a light silk background and then finely painted detials added to complete the portrait. He is quite the handsome gentleman with his low bowed ponytail and ruffled stock at the neck. Click on the photo to see the fine detailing added in gray tones and white. Price: $695.

Portrait of a Gentleman, Attributed to Walter Ingalls, c. 1837

This refined portrait is strongly attributed to Walter Ingalls, a significant American portrait painter of his generation, which included Gilbert Stuart and Thomas Sully. Ingalls' works are in The Smithsonian, the U.S. Capitol, and several historical societies and museums. Born in New Hampshire in 1805, Ingalls spent part of each year in Washington D.C., where he leased a studio in the Senate building and painted many prominent political figures. Reference the New Hampshire Historical Society's catalog (1975) of Ingalls' work for similar portraits, specifically #17. Unframed. 21 1/2" x 25 3/4". Price: On Request.

Detail From Two Illustrations on Velum, in the Manner of Jean-Baptiste Pillement, 19th Century

Jean-Baptiste Pillement (1728-1808), born in Lyon, was a painter and designer, whose primary influence was in spreading the Rococo style, and particularly the taste for chinoiserie, throughout Europe. Pillement's illustrations are a mixture of fantastic birds, flora & fauna, human figures, and chinoiserie. His designs circulated widely throughout Europe and were used by engravers and decorators on porcelain, pottery, textiles, fans, wallpaper and silver. Pillement quickly became among the most prolific and successful designers of patterns for these applied arts. These two illustrations were undoubtedly influenced by Pillement. The first is a detail from a waistcoat embroidery design, featuring a profusion of brightly painted flowers (7 1/2" x 10 1/2"). The second, with its fanciful exotic motifs, reflects the chinoiserie craze that existed throughout Europe and America (8" x 11 1/4"). $450 each SALE PRICE: $250 each.

William Hogarth Etching, Heath Edition 1822

This is an original Hogarth etching from the Heath edition, 1822. Heath was the last publisher to print directly from Hogarth’s original engraved plates. All ‘Hogarth’ prints appearing after this date are merely copies of these original graphic works of art. Designed & engraved by William Hogarth originally Sept 7, 1762. Framed size - 18 1/2" x 16 1/2". Price: $450. SALE PRICE: $395.

A Fine English Watercolor, 1816

Detail of an 1816 Watercolor of Boyton House, painted by Vicars, and taken from a scrap album. Scrap books or albums date from the 18th century and contained a wide variety of hand written musings, paintings and drawings. The scrap album was looked upon as an extension of a diary - a pleasant reminder of joyful memories, travels and experiences. These early albums were objects of admiration, compiled mainly by women of a certain social standing. Mrs. Vicars certainly took great care in recording her memorable trip to Boyton House. Gold leaf frame, old glass. Note, our research shows this house still exists. It dates back to 1750 and is located in the town of Boyton, a small village in the East Anglian region of England. Dimensions: 10" x 7" framed. Price: $1,250 SALE PRICE: $850.

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