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Walnut Compote Tazza with Inlay, England, 19th Century NEWLY LISTED ITEM

An elegantly shaped walnut compot or tazza, perfect for displaying your stone fruit collection. Turned pedestal and fine banded inlay giving visual movement and emphasis to the rim of the bowl. Price: $495.

18th Century Fruitwood Tea Caddy in the Shape of a Pear, England, c. 1780 NEWLY LISTED ITEM

A fine fruitwood pear shaped tea caddy with original iron lock and escutcheon and remnants of original bottom label. In the 18th century, tea was so valuable, it was almost always stored under lock and key. Typically, a servant would bring the tea caddy out and the lady of the house would reverently serve the tea to her guests. This pear shaped caddy is a wonderful example in a very desirable form. Height: 6 1/2"; Other measures: 4" diameter. Provenance: Sallea Antiques. Price: $3,800.

Kingwood Sewing Necessaire with Inlaid Ebony, Brass and Mother-of-Pearl, French c. 1840 NEWLY LISTED ITEM

Very fine sewing necessaire made of Kingwood with scalloped body and geometric mother-of-pearl and ebony inlays. Kingwood is one of the densest and strongest of all rosewoods, and was one of the most expensive woods used in furniture making. It has historically been used almost exclusively for inlays. The wood has a rich almost purple-brown color with very fine darker stripes and pale streaks similar to the sapwood. It is is extremely hard and stable and can be brought to a spectacular finish, as in this piece. In terms of its history, Kingwood supposedly got its name from several French kings, Louis XIV and Louis XV, who preferred the wood in the use of fine furniture.

Opening this fine case, reveals a peach silk moire lining the upper portion surrounded by a thin cream-colored corded trim. The fitted base is of pale grey velvet and each silver gilt sewing tool is intact and in place. Provenance: Sallea Antiques. SOLD

Pierced and Relief-Carved Spanish-style Hair Comb in Original Wallpaper Decorated Box, c. 1830

A large "Peinita" comb of tortoise shell or horn, with hand-cut pierced openwork decoration. The work is so intricate, it resembles lace. These combs were typically worn to hold elaborate hair styles in place, and can often be seen in portraits from the period. The conforming box is a demilune shape, and covered in wallpaper with scrolling acanthus leaf designs in beautiful shades of olive green, cream and pink. Both the box and comb are in very good condition. Price: $1,200.

Rare “One-Egg" Nantucket Basket

A very small open, round “one-egg” Nantucket basket c.1930-40, of diminutive proportions with carved wooden swing handle attached to the body of the basket by metal ears. Single-wrapped rim follows down woven body of basket to wooden base. Good state of preservation. H 2 ”; D 2 ”. Materials: rattan, oak and maple. Provenance: Wayne Pratt. SALE PRICE: $1,200.

Important Double Sided Tavern Sign, Massachusetts, c. 1800-1850

A rare painted and wrought-iron tavern sign, with original ironwork intact. The oval plank painted on both sides, with yellow crescent moons and stars above the inscription D.W. Taylor and a trotting, sprightly white pony with orange saddle blanket and stirrups. First inscription reads “A. Bigalow Inn”. The oval framed with curlicues of zinc and gilded points. Oil on a black ground. 53" in height by 56" wide.

Today, only a tiny sampling remains of this once ubiquitous art form. In her essay, “Some Suitable Signe…for the direction of Strangers: Signboards and the Enterprise of Innkeeping in Connecticut”, Margaret C, Vincent observes that ongoing research has identified only 350 or so surviving American tavern signs. Price on request.

Rare Sunwatch / Sundial Compass, Early 19th Century

Very early example of a pocket sunwatch, or personal sundial, which relies on the rotation of the earth for perpetual timekeeping accuracy. These were carried in the pocket much like a pocket watch. This was most likely made in Germany as the compass directions are marked West, Sud, Ost, and Nord. The paper dial is decorated with traditional early European designs of floral sprays, grapes, and leaf swags. A lovely early antique designed for a mariner or traveler. 1 3/4 inches, by a little over 2 inches. SALE PRICE: $350.

Wood Trade Sign, NY c. 1915

A construction firm that built bridges and railroads in the northeast. Price: $475


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